We know there are many worthy charities that you can support, and this year, there are more local charities that need support than ever. We’d like to ask you to consider lending us a bit of support, anyway! We have not only worked hard to help securely house rescued and evacuated animals from the recent Camp Fire, but also medically treated and rehabilitated other needy animals in the midst of that tragedy.

As just one example, take these puppies, who were supposedly found in Stumps Field just before Thanksgiving and brought into the shelter. They came into the shelter at an estimated six or seven weeks old – it was hard to tell their age, as they were emaciated and suffering from severe skin infections brought on by demodectic mange.

We saw to it that they were treated for mange, and are continuing to receive care for other health problems brought on by their early malnutrition. As soon as they are medically stable and completely covered with hair again, these little cuties will go up for adoption to loving families. It’s taken a TON of medical care – over $2,000 in veterinary bills so far for just these pups alone, and we still haven’t spayed/neutered them! – but seeing them coming alive again has been worth all the time, trouble, worry, and expense.

The truth is, we work hard year-round to rescue and treat needy animals from all over Butte County and the city of Oroville. Will you please consider making a year-end, tax-deductible gift to help support efforts like these, and many more? Thank you for your consideration.